Diggity Dog – Virgin Wool Dog Mattress

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With the Diggity Dog Pet Mattress there is less to worry about because wool naturally handles summer sweat, winter chills, rainy days, and mud tracks with ease. Wool is much more durable and retains its shape much better than cotton so now you can be sure that this bed can not only manage any tuff love your pet decides to give it but bounce back from it in no time! This pet bed has been created as a low maintenance option to better combat the elements that will make waste of a conventionally built foam and cotton pet bed.


The durability and moisture resistance of wool makes this natural fiber an excellent choice for pets that love to get dirty. Pool time, play time, rainy days, or even muddy paws are no problem for our Diggity Dog Pet Mattress, a machine washable removable cover is included that allows for easy cleaning no matter what the circumstance. Wool is anti-microbial as well meaning that it naturally resists mildew and mold. When you remove the cover all you have to do is flip your mattress and expose the underside to air. This is how easy it is to naturally filter your pet’s sleeping space so you don’t need to use chemicals to clean and sanitize from germs!


The Futon Shop has used wool to create its chemical free mattresses for years for its perfect mix of comfort, durability, temperature control, and natural fire resistance it provides. These handcrafted products from San Francisco are a great gift for any pet lover who wants to spoil their favorite member of the family. A better sleep space for pets can help any pet owner who is looking for a better way to care for their home and keep their pet safe. Let the elements become less of a hassle and more of what makes lasting memories with your family.

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