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For a solution that gives your pet the firmest support they can get to facilitate healthy growth try our Companion Dog Mattress made with Coconut Coir! This completely organic material is made from infusing unwound coconut husk with pure dunlop latex only through chemical free processes that utilize the elements of nature. Coconut coir is the most dense material you can use for a mattress which is why we recommend our Companion Dog Mattress. No matter how big or how rough your dog plays these beds are virtually indestructible. Coconut coir and wool are a great combination not only for their durability but also their naturally antimicrobial properties. Cleanup is even more of a breeze since each mattress includes a removable, machine washable cover that comes in your choice of waterproof, microsuede, and even organic!


When you have a pet that can’t help but eat everything you buy for it there is no better choice then to buy non-edible materials that are also safe for consumption! Since we want your pet’s Companion mattress to last a lifetime we have chosen the most durable materials available for your pet’s organic sleep space. Remember that we can make any mattress fully customizable to whatever specifications as well! With over 40 years of experience in organic sleep products there is no other team that can bring you the same craftsmanship!


It is hard to believe that our materials are safe for your dog to eat while being the most durable, that is why we invite you to visit one of our 11 California retail locations. If you are shopping online read the reviews of our other coconut mattresses to find out about how they provide superior firmness that both pets and humans love! With organic made materials that are tested for durability you can be sure you are bringing home the very best for your pet!

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