Best In Show – Natural Latex Dog Mattress

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Pure sap from the heart of rubber trees is used to manufacture the latex cores used in our pet mattresses. Since latex is such a popular choice for sleep many manufacturers use chemical fillers to help reduce their costs. Using 100% dunlop latex for its chemical free compound is an important feature to mention because there is no other way to be completely sure that you are not exposing yourself to toxins!


Many advertise that they use “natural” latex the only way to make sure you have organic made products is to pick companies that will allow you to do your do diligence! While we feel everyone has the right to know what they are sleeping on these mixtures are deemed proprietary so there is no way to find out from the retailer!


The constant reflex latex provides to joints is great for pets that commonly face problems with their joints and muscles which is why many breeds will love our Best In Show Dog Mattress. When you are considering how serious the health hazards of Arthritis can affect your pet there is no reason why you shouldn’t be buying this bed over any other option. For anyone who wants to absolutely rid their home of products that may lead to chemical exposure there is no better option!

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