Why Choose Organic Materials For Your Home?

The Underdog Campaign:

Companion Organic Coconut Dog Mattress

Best In Show Organic Latex Dog Mattress

Good Boy Organic Cotton Dog Mattress

Diggity Dog Organic Wool Dog Mattress

Living chemical free just makes sense, with Barkoloungers made with natural materials you are buying a product that is absolutely safer for use by your pet than conventional pet beds. With large retail pet stores you are given plenty of options for your animal’s sleep, sure they look cute but what are you really bringing into your home? When you consider how often your pet will sleep, a organic bed, free of chemicals is worth considering over petro-chemical foam beds or synthetic fibers that may off gas to expose your family to harmful toxins.

With products from The Futon Shop you are getting the very best products at a reasonable price! Organic and Chemical Free products are better for the earth, your family, and the health of your pet! Not only are our beds more economical, safe, and better for the environment but most of all they are affordable! We believe that every family should have the choice to live chemical free, this is why we need your help to organize with local communities to make as big an impact as we can. We want to be in every home, it is not just better for your family’s health but also better for the the sustainability of the earth!

With Barkoloungers there are zero chemicals, zero petroleum, and most of all zero chances that harmful chemicals will not harm your pet’s sensitive skin. No chance should ever be taken that your pet or most importantly your family could be harmed from any product off gassing in your home! The Futon Shop is proud to finally present its chemical free furniture options to those who want to go organic and remove toxic chemicals from their environment and their family’s lives.

The Futon Shop

Pet Bed Benefits

Customizing The Right Bed For Your Dog’s Needs

Choosing the right dog bedding is important!

How To Get Your Dog Off Of Your Bed!

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Customizable, Chew Proof, and Extra Large Dog Beds For Extra Large Pets

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