Orthopedic Dog Bed

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The best way to care for your pets to avoid vet trips is to think about the things you buy for your animal. Not only is an orthopedic dog bed a good investment for keeping your older dog healthy, some breeds are naturally prone to joint problems. When you provide your animal with chemical free latex you can help fight arthritis thanks to its constant reflex. The bouncy pure latex core options are a durable favorite for larger dogs, they can wake up relieved from pressure points. Dogs as they age need to stay active to be strong enough to fight diseases that render pets inactive like hip dysplasia is important as lack of activity can lead to obesity and diabetes!

For older pets that have become arthritic we suggest lining your pet’s bed area with a supportive latex core! Pure dunlop latex cores provide great motion isolation to relieve pressure put on joints while sleeping. The 100% chemical free latex cores we use in our products contains no fillers, no synthetics, and is naturally anti-microbial and dust mite resistant!

We want to help pet owners, advocates, and animals by joining together to spread the word about what our certified organic products can do for pets! At The Futon Shop we have always gotten our materials directly from the source to ensure we stay chemical free from start to finish. As you interact with us to fundraise you can trust that you are helping an owner get a healthier solution for their pets safety and lifestyle. When you team up with The Futon Shop for The Underdog Campaign we all win!

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