How To Get Your Dog Off Of Your Bed!

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Companion Organic Coconut Dog Mattress

Best In Show Organic Latex Dog Mattress

Good Boy Organic Cotton Dog Mattress

Diggity Dog Organic Wool Dog Mattress

We all love our pets but sometimes it’s hard not to wish that there was more privacy between you and your pet. Some nights there should be no question about where your pet goes when it’s bed time and with a new Barkolounger Pet Bed there won’t! Since dogs will love the feel and scent of a bed made with natural virgin wool you can rest assure that this chemical free, durable, and resilient fiber used to fill your dog mattress will provide temperature control all year round!

Summer or winter is no problem with wool, from natural perspiration, rain, or snow the natural properties of wool wick away moisture to add years of life and resiliency to your pet’s Barkolounger bed! Shedding, dirt, or slobber can each be unpleasant surprises to wake up too when you do not have the a solution for your pet’s sleep. Whether you want to keep your home cleaner or more organized there is no better way to create space and grant independence to your pet!

Most owners would do anything to keep their pets off of their furniture and bed! If you can’t understand why you can’t get your dog off of your mattress, try a special one just for them! A pet mattress is an affordable option that will help you to designate a space to keep your dog’s belongings. You can place a dog bed under a raised platform frame for convenient storage when not in use and remove the cover for easy machine cleaning. With certified organic materials at the best price you can’t go wrong.

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Why Choose Organic Materials For Your Home?

Pet Bed Benefits

Customizing The Right Bed For Your Dog’s Needs

Choosing the right dog bedding is important!

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Customizable, Chew Proof, and Extra Large Dog Beds For Extra Large Pets

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