Customizing The Right Bed For Your Dog’s Needs

The Underdog Campaign:

Companion Organic Coconut Dog Mattress

Best In Show Organic Latex Dog Mattress

Good Boy Organic Cotton Dog Mattress

Diggity Dog Organic Wool Dog Mattress

Dog beds are a great way to cut back on the dirt that is tracked through your house but not every breed prefers the same materials. If you can customize a space for your pet if you can learn what your dog prefers, that way treat, sleep, and play time is spent on materials that are sure not to hurt their sensitive coat! The first key to picking a bed is understanding why we choose wool.


This water resistant natural fiber is a great way to give life and resilience to your dog’s bed while adding an untraceable scent that they will be sure to love! The independance and freedom they feel in their own space will give them a place they feel comfortable, allowing you to track their mess to an isolated spot!

The Futon Shop

Why Choose Organic Materials For Your Home?

Pet Bed Benefits

Choosing the right dog bedding is important!

How To Get Your Dog Off Of Your Bed!

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Customizable, Chew Proof, and Extra Large Dog Beds For Extra Large Pets

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