Customizable, Chew Proof, and Extra Large Dog Beds For Extra Large Pets

The Underdog Campaign:

Companion Organic Coconut Dog Mattress

Best In Show Organic Latex Dog Mattress

Good Boy Organic Cotton Dog Mattress

Diggity Dog Organic Wool Dog Mattress

At The Futon Shop we specialize in complete customizable options for organic sleep! For larger pets that raise concerns about durability with anything you buy we have created our coconut bed line made from the most durable natural bed material on the market! This incredibly strong and flexible rubber coconut husk rope is strong enough to mimic the hard surface that your pet prefers!


Since the benefits of organic mattress options can now be suited for the needs of your pets at The Futon Shop! We have selected the finest chemical free and organic materials for our Organic Pet Bed line to give your pet unique benefits while sleeping. Organic materials offer your home a healthier alternative to chemically manufactured products. Sleep to live better! You can customize your pet’s bed exactly to order with your choice of virgin wool, organic latex, coconut coir, or pesticide free cotton!

The Futon Shop

Why Choose Organic Materials For Your Home?

Pet Bed Benefits

Customizing The Right Bed For Your Dog’s Needs

Choosing the right dog bedding is important!

How To Get Your Dog Off Of Your Bed!

Orthopedic Dog Bed

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