Choosing the right dog bedding is important!

The Underdog Campaign:

Companion Organic Coconut Dog Mattress

Best In Show Organic Latex Dog Mattress

Good Boy Organic Cotton Dog Mattress

Diggity Dog Organic Wool Dog Mattress

Whatever surface your pet prefers, we can customize the right bed for your pet to create a mattress that lasts for life!  Dog’s love the scent of wool and the organic cotton filling we have is USDA certified organic, completely free of pesticides. Conventional cotton is grown with some of the most toxic chemicals in the world so by using our Barkoloungers made with natural materials your pet is staying free of synthetics, insecticides, or petro-chemical foams. Rashes, odors, and hotspots can be an issue for dogs that are sleeping on chemically treated surfaces, such as your kitchen, that are saturated often with chemical cleaners.


Much like humans, dogs get affected by the air they breathe and what they ingest. Going organic is a great alternative to avoiding toxins in the body. According to The National Cancer Institute, there are 65 million dogs and 32 million cats in America that have Cancer. Sadly, from this amount of animals, there are newly 6 million diagnosed Cancer cases made up of dogs and the same amount goes for cats each year. As for humans, American Cancer Society reports 11,028,000 people living with Cancer In America to date and over 1 million are diagnosed every year.


These numbers are similar when it comes to pets in America. Both Animals and Humans are being gravely affected and toxins in the environment is a big factor in this scary scenario. Let’s work together to get deadly toxins out of the home. At The Center For Cancer Research, the Comparative Oncology Program has looked extensively into models of human cancer and the way environmental factors contribute to similar tumors in pet animals and in humans. The Futon Shop would love for you to join The Underdog Campaign to create a safe and healthy home for You and your Animal Pet.

The Futon Shop

Why Choose Organic Materials For Your Home?

Pet Bed Benefits

Customizing The Right Bed For Your Dog’s Needs

How To Get Your Dog Off Of Your Bed!

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Customizable, Chew Proof, and Extra Large Dog Beds For Extra Large Pets

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